925 Sterling Silver

925 Sterling Silver with Cubic Zirconia

Infinity Pendant Raised

P14 R 279

Heart Shaped Love Pendant

P03 R 799
20mm x 16mm

Unicorn with wing Pendant

P08 R 399

Tree of Life Pendant

P05 R 259

Infinity Pendant

P04 R 369
Sterling Silver Heart Pendant with Cubic Zirconia

Key Heart Pendant

P13 R 399

Teddy Bear Pendant

P09 R 549

Key Pendant Circle

P12 R 399

Heart Shape Locket Pendant

P10 R 399

Circular Pendant with Heart

P02 R 349

Raised Heart Pendant

P06 R 249

Heart Locket Pendant

P07 R 349

Teddy Bear

P11 R 549

Heart Swirled Infinity Pendant

P01 R 279

Cross double

CR01 R 549

Cross hollow cz

CR02 R 549

Cross Full CZ

CR03 R 349

Cross Plain

CR04 R 399

Cross broad double

CR05 R 759

Cross Square Round Purple stones

CR06 R 479

Cross thin Double

CR07 R 549

Cross small

CR08 R 399

Cross Cubic zirconia

CR09 R 389

Cross Broad Square

CR10 R 349

Cross Fancy

CR11 R 349

Cross Outline

CR12 R 479

Cross Plain Med thin

CR13 R 279

Cross small broad

CR14 R 819
18mm x 18mm

Tree Of Life Pendant

P27 R 169
11mm x 11mm

Circle 21 Pendant

P28 R 99

Circle Tree of Life Pendant

P29 R 399

Tree of Life CZ

P30 R 399

Angel with Heart CZ

P31 R 239

Round CZ Tree of Life

P32 R 479
18mm x 12mm

18 Heart

P33 R 79

Saint Christopher

P34 R 759

Saint Marry Pendant

P35 R 479

Mum Heart Pendant CZ

P36 R 399

Heart Infinity CZ Pendant

P37 R 479

Twenty One 21

P38 R 199

Double Heart CZ

P39 R 479

Allah Pendant

P40 R 499

Aum Pendant H

P41 R 499

Aum Pendant T

P42 R 499

Baby Broach

BB02 R 279

Large Hoop Sleeper Earrings

E01 R 789

Square Hoop Sleeper Earrings

E02 R 519

Plain Sleeper Earings Medium

E12 R 519

Twisted Sleeper Earings small

E08 R 349

Medium Twisted Sleeper Earrings

E07 R 349

Round Broad Earings Medium

E10 R 759

Broad Sleeper Earings

E11 R 959

Small Sleeper Broad Earings

E14 R 519

Oval 3 Earings

E06 R 819

Oval 3 2 Earings

E04 R 549

Infinity Earings

E13 R 419

Small Broad Sleeper Earings

E09 R 349

Heart Small Earings

E15 R 139

Flower Stud Earings

E16 R 149

Stud Round Earings

E18 R 139

S Stud Earings

E20 R 139

Infinty 2Earings

E17 R 199

Huggies sleeper Earings

E03 R 489

Flower Teardrop Earrings

E05 R 399

Stud Earings

E21 R 129

Stud white Round CZ

E19 R 139
6mm x 6mm

Heart outline earrings

E22 R 119
8mm x 10mm

Cross Earrings full CubicZ

E23 R 399

Tree of Life Earrings CZ

E24 R 519

Blue Zirconia Earrings

E25 R 519

Pink Cubic Zirconia 4

E26 R 249

Pink Cubic Zirconia

E27 R 279
15mm x 35mm

Infinity Large Earings

E28 R 479

Tree of Life 6

E29 R 399

Blue Cubic Stone SQ

E30 R 479

Square 3x3 CZ

E31 R 399

Infinity Earings CZ

E32 R 399
Gorgeous and cute tiny white stud earrings making special piercings a pleasure.

Tiny Stud earrings white

E33 R 149
You have to love this beautiful quartz crystal 4mm amethyst stud earrings. Its purple color is calming and affectionate while being known as one of the more powerful and protective stones.

Amethyst purple 4mm stud earrings

E34 R 249

Amethis 5

E35 R 279
Let this sparkling 4mm blue topaz stud earrings release your tension. This gemstone is known as the stone of love, affection and good fortune.

Blue Topaz 4mm stud earrings

E36 R 249
Let this sparkling 5mm blue topaz stud earrings release your tension. This gemstone is known as the stone of love, affection and good fortune.

Blue Topaz 5mm stud earrings

E37 R 279
Release your creative energy with this stunning bright red garnet stud earrings. This January birth stone is a symbol of Love, friendship, light and vitality.

4mm Red Garnet stud earrings

E38 R 249

Garnet 5

E39 R 279
11mm 925 sterling silver Peso stud earrings. Inspiration of silver

Peso stud earrings

E40 R 399


C05 R 279
Length 50cm

Belcher Chain with Heart

C02 R 479
Length 40cm

Chain Infinity

C01 R 479
Length 45cm

Snake Link Chain

C03 R 1,579
Length 45cm


C06 R 299


C07 R 349
Length 60cm

Figaro Chain

C08 R 359
Length 55cm

Figaro Chain

C09 R 239
Length 55cm

Double link Chain

C10 R 819
Length 55cm

Ladies Curb Link Necklace

C11 R 1,499
Length 50cm

Double Link

C12 R 359
Length 55cm

Curb link Chain

C13 R 439
Length 50cm


C14 R 819
Length 50cm

Belcher Necklace

C15 R 1,779
Length 55cm

Curb Chain

C16 R 199
Length 50cm


C17 R 369
Length 60cm

Curb Link Chain 1mm

C18 R 199
Length 44cm

Figaro Chain 45cm

CH19 R 149
Length 45cm

Figaro 50cm Chain

CH20 R 179
Length 50cm

Necklace with Cross charms

NC01 R 479
Length 45cm

Singapore link Chain

CH21 R 169
Length 45cm

Figaro chain 45cm 2mm

CH22 R 259
Length 45cm

Rolo Chain 46

CH23 R 349
Length 46cm

Singapore link 49

CH25 R 179
Length 49cm

Figaro 4.5mm chain

CH27 R 819
Length 55cm


B05 R 279

Red Heart Anklet

A01 R 399
Length 26cm

Tree of Life Bracelet

B06 R 399
Length 15cm

Figaro Bracelet

B08 R 279
Size 15cm


B09 R 299
Size 15cm

Double link Bracelet

B13 R 549
Size 15cm


B14 R 679


B10 R 659

Tree of Life Bracelet

B03 R 479
make any occasion a glamourous one with this stunning Tennis bracelet

Tennis Bracelet

B01 R 959
Length 18cm

Bracelet Snake Skin

B02 R 689

Infinity Love Bracelet

B04 R 389

Bracelet Twisted

B07 R 199

Curb Link Bracelet

B11 R 199

Rolo Style Bracelet

B12 R 189
Length 19cm

Heart ID Figaro Bracelet

B15 R 279
Length 18cm
Cross 11mm x 15mm

Bracelet with Cross

B16 R 399
Length 19cm

Infinity Bracelet

B17 R 479
Length 19cm

Heart charm Bracelet

B18 R 479
Length 19cm

Flat Mariner Bracelet

B19 R 479
Length 19cm

Bracelet stars

B20 R 279
Length 26cm

Tennis Bracelet

B21 R 3,499
Length 18cm

Bangle 4mm

BG01 R 689

Rings with Large White Stone

R04 R 549
Size P/Q/R/N

Ring with Large Stone

R11 R 959
Size P/R/Q

Wide ring with 3 stones

R06 R 1,239
Size M/N/O/S/Q/R

Ring Square White Cubic Zirconia

R01 R 959
Size M/N/P/R

Ring Round White Cubic Zirconia

R02 R 479
Size P/Q/M/L

Ring wide round Stone

R03 R 819
Size N/P/R/O

Ring Square White CZ

R07 R 819
Size N/M/L/P

Ring Oval Blue Cubic Stone

R08 R 959
Size R/P/O/N

Ring Round white Cubic Zirconia

R09 R 479
Size O/N/M/L

Ring With large Blue Cubic Zirconia

R10 R 1,099
Size P/O/N/Q

Oval Ring White CZ

R12 R 549
Size N/Q/M/O/L
Turn the tides with this large Peso ring

Large Peso ring

R13 R 1,239
Size u
Well crafted Kruger ring

Kruger Ring

R14 R 1,099
Size u

11mm x15mm

figure Charm

CM01 R 349

Charms Anchor Heart Cross

CM02 R 199
6mm x 15mm

Cellphone Charm

CM03 R 169

Figaro chain 4.5mm

CH26 R 889
Length 60cm

Curb Link Chain

CH28 R 5,479
Length 60cm

Figaro Chain 12mm

CH29 R 7,999
Length 65cm

Square Link Chain

CH30 R 3,699
Length 60cm

Figaro Chain 8mm

CH31 R 3,289
Length 70cm

Figaro 8mm Chain

CH32 R 2,749
Length 60cm

Figaro Chain 14mm

CH33 R 10,299
Length 60cm